Some of your frequently asked questions that we hopefully are able to answer on this page! If not and you are still needing answers, feel free to contact us at kkandco93@gmail.com! We usually respond with 24 hours.

How long does shipping take? For US printing takes about 7-10 days while international printing is extremely quick, taking up to 2 days just to print. Shipping for US takes 3-4 days and for international it takes about 4-7 days. So all in all, both take the same time as they balance out but your order should be at your doorstep in less than two weeks. If it takes longer, we usually contact our customers and let them know why! Communication is important to us!

Do you guys ship international? YES! We love our international stans! For now, KK&CO isn't available in and doesn't ship to Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea. This list may change periodically. 

How much does shipping cost? Shipping depends on where you are, how much you order, and what exactly you are ordering. Only extra costs are custom costs which are added to your taxes at checkout but should only range from $5-$15 which again depends on where you live. But for one single crewneck, a base shipping rate (not including taxes or customs) follows:

Australia & New Zealand $10.99
Brazil $6.00
Canada $8.99
USA $6.05
EFTA $10.99
Europe $6.05
Japan $6.05
UK $6.99
Rest of the World $9.99

How do you guys make your crewnecks? We partner with Printful and Printify to bring you the best products possible. They are a third party printing and manufacturer as we are still a small business. They print, ship, and package all of our orders. We felt this was the best route to start off with!

Do you guys do returns? Unfortunately, no. But if something is wrong with your order, PLEASE tell us. We do not hesitate or feel like you are burdening us because we need to know how to improve and if you let us know if something is wrong, send us pictures, and tell us ASAP, we can try and make it better!

How does Afterpay work?


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