Our Story

Our names are Kaye and Kay. It started like how most million-dollar ideas start: college. We were in the same class back in 2019 but never really spoke until we were partnered up for group work. It was then that Kaye's phone lit up to reveal an Ariana Grande lock screen that immediately caused Kay to burst into tears. After exchanging some meet and greet photos, stories, and more crying, it was clear we finally found someone that was on our level of excitement and love for the biggest pop star in the world. Through tattoos, drunken concerts where we almost got pulled over, and midnight Cliquot parties counting down to Positions, our Scorpio and Cancer friendship flourished.
We could say the rest is history, but we're still getting started.
[How It Started:]

We knew we wanted something more from merchandise that other shops just weren't satisfying. We wanted to showcase our admiration and the high level of love and light that Ariana brings into our lives while making something inclusive for every Arianator out there. After all, we've been stans for almost a decade. We know a thing or two.
[How Its Going:]


So with our film and marketing knowledge in tow, we got to work; and in just 8 days, on January 4th of 2021, we were set to push out our first collection. Where one K struggles, the other K is right there to pick her up. Making KK & Co just made sense for us, and as the support came through and the hard work came naturally to produce, we realized we had found something truly precious and special. It was almost like a dream come true.
- Kaye & Kay